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What is D365 CRM?

It’s a category of integrated, data-driven software solutions that improve how you interact and do business with your customers. CRM systems help you manage and maintain customer relationships, track sales leads, marketing, and pipeline, and deliver actionable data. It increases your profitability by streamlining administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions, and letting you focus on building and maintaining the customer relationships. multifaceted platform where everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your customer relationships is stored.

Why D365 CRM?


  • Run multi-channel campaigns featuring email marketing, web content, and events.
  • Target matched audiences based on LinkedIn interactions using Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.
  • Personalize the buyer experience by customizing customer journeys based on user engagement.


  • Gain insights into your brand reputation and market through real-time data analysis.
  • Prioritize leads using multiple lead scoring models.
  • Build custom dashboards to analyze the data that matters most to your business.


  • Automate processes for better service engagement experiences.
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) to guide your business decisions and drive innovation.
  • Rely on the Microsoft cloud platform to reduce operating costs and simplify deployment across your infrastructure.

Who benefits from CRM?

Small businesses looking to grow.

Build competitive edge in your marketplace with D365 CRM. It can take off the burden of IT management of your employees by automating your business processes so you can focus on what’s important and leading your business to succeed.

Industry leaders wanting large-scale solutions.

Simplify and improve even the most complex customer engagements with an array of CRM tools that scale to fit your needs.

Features and Benefits



Empower sellers to drive personal engagement with customers

Grow business

  • Improve win rate with a dynamic, event-driven sales process.
  • Build pipeline with high-quality leads and prospects from a variety of sources.
  • Measure the past and identify leading indicators for the future.

Stay focused

  • Find the right prospects and customers.
  • Always know the next best action to move relationships forward.
  • Build a high-performing sales team

Win faster

  • Engage and collaborate around strategic deals.
  • Align to the buyer’s journey to deliver personalized engagement.
  • Work anytime, anywhere.

Complaint Management:

From Complaining Customer to a Loyal Customer

Identify your Customers Needs

  • Identify loopholes of your Products/ Service and improve your service.
  • Identify what customer actually expect and implement processes to meet your customer needs.
  • Improve your Customer Service to help Customers and Make them stay Long.

Identify the Performance of Employees

  • Identify where your Employees faild to support your Customers.
  • Make processes to enhance Client Service Management
  • Encourage and reward best performing Customer Care People.

Enhance your Business

Enhance your Business by improving customer satisfaction and making complaing customer to a best customer referral of your business.

Customer Service:

Effortless service through any channel

Improve engagement

  • Let customers connect quickly and easily through multi-channel service options.
  • Use the AI of service bots to increase service availability and free your agents for more high-value interactions.
  • Resolve issues quickly using data analysis and predictive care

Personalize your service

  • Deliver value with every interaction with a complete customer view.
  • Guide agents’ actions toward optimal outcomes using intelligent automation.
  • Create upsell or cross-sell opportunities using contextual customer data.

Streamline your customer service

  • Improve service based on survey feedback, discussion forums, and social listening.
  • Onboard new agents quickly with in-app learning options.
  • Optimize your service staff by allocating resources based on service trends that you can monitor in real time.


Grow your Business by increasing Customer Retention.


Enhance Relationship with your Customers

  • Retain existing customers
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  • Build personal relationships
  • Create brand advocates
  • Identify frequent visitors of your Business.
  • Build tier-based client Management

Increase your Revenue

  • Design Promotional Activities benefits your client based on loyalty points
  • Let Customer redeem their points to save money and to make them buy more products.
  • Measure revenue from each client to enhance client service

Enhance your Focus

  • Analyse Customer behavior and make your path to a better future
  • Get Customer referrals to enhance your business


  • Extensive consultation on Product and it’s Functionality
  • Enhance your Business process by Integrating your Existing systems to D365 CRM
  • Technical Support, Installations and Setup Maintenance.
  • Extensive Customer support on Application.
  • Customize Product on your own requirement.


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