ZILLIONe collaborates with FITIS as Corporate Partner Sponsor

Jan 6, 2020

ZILLIONe, a pioneer in the Sri Lankan ICT industry, joined hands with the Federation of Information Technology Industry (FITIS) as Corporate Partner Sponsor in a bid to broaden its collaborative and industrial reach. With the comprehensive IT enterprise solutions capabilities owned by ZILLIONe, the partnership will initiate a progressive change in the ICT landscape of the country.

The sponsorship cheque was recently handed over by Mr Tharmarajah Suresh, Chairman & CEO of ZILLIONe, to the Chairman of FITIS, Mr Abbas Kamrudeen.

Welcoming ZILLIONe onboard for the year 2019, Chairman of FITIS Mr Kamrudeen said that it was indeed a pleasure for FITIS to have the support of ZILLIONe, a leading enterprise technology solutions provider with a legacy of over 40 years to complement its development activities. “I am very pleased to welcome ZILLIONe onboard as a Corporate Partner, and I believe this partnership will tremendously benefit both organizations alike,” he said. Mr. Kamrudeen also noted that having ZILLIONe onboard is also an endorsement of the Federation’s mission to continue to serve the society by promoting and developing the ICT sector.

Expressing his views on the sponsorship, Chairman and Group CEO of ZILLIONe, Mr Tharmarajah Suresh stated, “It is of great honour to be the corporate sponsor for FITIS 2019, it being a leading organization in Sri Lanka with the purpose of providing the timely requirement and emphasis to the ICT industry. As a 40-year-old company in the IT industry, we will be able to further enhance the credibility of ZILLIONe in the industry through this collaboration”.

ZILLIONe has grown to be one of the leading enterprise solutions providers, embracing technological innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the years. In addition to Sri Lanka, ZILLIONe today has branched internationally across Maldives, Australia and Fiji enabling the customers across the Asia Pacific region to receive seamless support from ZILLIONe.

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